Attention to detail

I highly recommend the real estate team of Dianne Johnson and Brianna Johnson from Village Properties in Santa Barbara.

I sold a Spanish Revival house that has been in my family since it was built in 1933. I live in Orange County and even though I have spent a lot of time in Santa Barbara both as  a child and as an adult, I didn’t know anything about the real estate market in the area. I interviewed three qualified agents, and ultimately chose Dianne and Brianna because I felt that they would do the best job for my family, and I have been highly satisfied with not only their professionalism but with their attention to detail throughout this process. They have educated me on how the home would be sold (marketing, staging etc.), kept me well informed and guided me expertly through the process. Dianne recommended what she felt the house needed in order to put it on the market, and she has been very proactive in preparing the house for sale from getting up front inspections to recommending staging the house and landscaping. Dianne and Brianna’s marketing skills are exemplary. I have learned that so much of selling a property today starts on line, and that staging the house and beautiful photos are of the utmost importance in presenting the house to potential buyers. Their photos of the house were fabulous, and really brought out the charm of the house. I felt very prepared as the house was put on the market. This is a family home that my grandparents built, that my mother grew up in and as kids we spent a lot of time in. Dianne and Brianna captured that in preparing the house for sale and were sensitive to the fact that the house holds a lot of memories. The house sold in just days, and we received multiple offers.

Thank you to Dianne and Brianna for their professionalism and their expertise