The Woods – Thank you letter

Dianne & Brianna Johnson, Village Properties

March 23, 2017

Dear Dianne and Brianna,

I write to deeply thank you for your amazing work on the sale of The Woods at San Antonio Creek in Santa Barbara.

Having chosen you as my realtors based almost solely on statistics – you are the best producing agents in the area, per the MLS – I was pleasantly surprised by your personal warmth and attention to my many problems and habits as a seller, always available, never leaving a question unanswered. Your advice on property marketability and pricing and your deep knowledge of the Santa Barbara market were instrumental to our relationship as well.

The momentum, ever since our first meeting, was never dropped: from the property website you created to the full page ads and induced articles on papers, to the many post cards and direct mailing, both physical and electronic, all your marketing pieces have been utterly professional and impeccably created. Adding to this your personal commitment to actively (and wisely) participate at every stage of the negotiations, you marketed and closed the sale of my property in record time; it took us a third of what the previous sale of the same property had taken to finish, only one year earlier.

For all that, Dianne and Brianna, I volunteer to recommend your work to any future prospect clients you have. Furthermore, I am sure I will never have to search for realtors in Santa Barbara for my future transactions: you’re it.